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IHI's AWG American Wire Gauge (Gage) Converter Calculator

Gives wire diameter and cross sectional area from Wire Gauge Number and Circular Mils & kcmils

    Diameter Cross Sectional Area Circular Mils

Input AWG number here:

Wire Dia. Wire Dia. Wire Area Wire Area CM kcmil or MCM
 Inches mm inch2 mm2 Circular Mils kcmil
Click on sheet or "update" to calculate


Note: for AWG # of "aught" ("ought") sizes use equivalent shown below:

1/0 "One aught" = 0 AWG
2/0 "Two aught" = -1 AWG
3/0 "Three aught" = -2 AWG
4/0 "Four aught" = -3 AWG


"Aught" probable contraction of "one-NAUGHT"
Br. English for one-zero or zero.
Also spelled
NOUGHT and so "one ought" 

Definition of AWG (reference Wikipedia)

36 AWG IS .005 inches diameter
0000 or 4/0 or four aught IS .46 inches diameter

As a rule-of-thumb approximation:
Wire size is X2 for increases of 6 gage numbers
A decrease of 3 AWG numbers is X2 area increase


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  A Circular mil is the area of a circle one thousanths of an inch diameter


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