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ISO 9001:2008


US Manufacturing Content Declaration, and USMCA Compliances


Ihiconnectors.com offers predominantly US manufactured electrical goods. 


IHI is a veteran US manufacture of Electrical Lugs and connectors in Ohio, USA.

Parts are machined and assembled in Ohio factories. The plating of machined parts is *predominantly from Ohio suppliers.


IHI plants therefore are substantially American made and importantly, the quality of the final product is 100% controlled by the USA plants.


On July 1st 2020 USMCA (T-MEC, CUSMA) replaced NAFTA.


IHI meets the requirements of *USMCA and *USMCA certificates are available when required.

Typically trading partners in Canada are part of the North American supply chain for certain materials and  Taiwan and China provide certain steel fasteners. Most of the aluminum screws *substantially are US made.


Located in Ohio, Canada is a close neighbor and reciprocal sales are a mutual benefit for neighboring states. 


*Raw materials such as aluminum, steel, copper, zinc, tin, and plastics tend to be mostly US in origin, but it is really quite difficult to precisely know where every pound of raw scrap metal originated since material moves around the world to fix shortages in one place or another.


Some raw materials are known to come from Europe, Asia, or other locations. Steel fasteners may come complete from USA Free Trade Agreements trading partners in Asia and other parts of the world. The monetary content of non-USA content is the minor portion.


*100% USA made is NOT claimed for any product since it is unrealistic. Rather, meeting the more realistic standards of USMCA, ARRA, and Global FTA reciprocal agreements are used where non-USA content is permitted.


If there is a contractual need for any particular certification on a certain part, please contact us for that with specifics. 



Conflict Minerals are properly tracked backed through tin platers and global smelters to comply with US Federal law. 


So what is the percentage of US made in these products?


The range of US content is typically estimated at 55-90% depending on part number and the North American (USMCA) content 75-90% since it includes material from Canada.


Please bear in mind that the supply chain changes and raw materials are controlled by metal billet makers and scrap markets and at some point it is beyond any rational tracking capability. 


If the actual US or North American content is critical to know more accurately for a particular PO we can review your request for more information to help you comply with a particular requirement.


Thank you for your faith and support of American made products.

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Electrical Standards

Human Rights

 UL - ZMVV.E129884, ZMVV2.E129884 • Conflict Minerals Declaration 3TG CMRT
• CSA - 6223-02, 116214_0_000 • Conflict Minerals Policy
• CE Europe Info • Extended Minerals Declaration Cobalt/Mica EMRT
  • CA Transparancy in Supply Chains Act (CTSCA)
Environmental Regulations • Human Rights Statement
  • UFLPA Xinjiang Statement
• SCIP Origin and Origin Content
• WEEE • Certificate of Origin COO
• China RoHS • Made in the USA* Details
• MECP • USA Government Import Restrictions
• GADSL • Russian Steel Statement
• CA Proposition 65 Statement  
• TSCA Product Material Content
  • SDS and MSDS - No SDS Required
FMD / MD Full Material Disclosure - Not Available
manufacturing materials and plating listed on individual mechanical drawings


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