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IHI Connectors®

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IHI Connectors

Careers in Proprietary, Crazy High Speed, Automated Machining like you have never seen!


Job Openings: Machine Operator


Tired of going nowhere in your current job? Need a real challenge for your abilities?

Is your current job the same old same old, and you want to learn new things that will change your life?

Want to make some real money? Find out what you are really capable of?

Got some guts and some persistence?

IHI has the solution that will change your life.




Our Machines

We train you and then we let you ‘fly’ our ½ million dollar machines, making complete parts in seconds, like magic!


There are no other machines like this in the World.

IHI designs and builds these amazing machines in house.


These machines are too valuable to sell so we run them ourselves to make parts for our clients.


Your machine will make a part and drop it in the done pail faster than you can you can take a gulp of coffee. 


Become a Machine Operator today!



Be part of the future of automation where humans and machines make American manufacturing soar to its full potential.






Our Mission


Unbeatable value to our customers and a work atmosphere of competitive team spirit and continuous improvement in safety, quality, environmental responsibility and cost reduction.



What You'll Gain

We train you to know cutting tools, speeds and feeds, PLC programming, hydraulics, electrics, electronics and sensors.


And you get to look under the hood of these electro mechanical beauties to see the 100ís of horsepower in the engine room see the chips fly.


We teach you how to set these bad boys up for a new job. The thrill of the setup is in the machine making its first good part and you hit that go button and the race is on. 


You go home knowing you did an impressive thing.




Once you get the hang of it, we want to pay you more as you grow in the job. We respect ability.


Openings for machine operators are available for the movers and shakers or the steady and reliable.


Join Team IHI now and be part of the whole new world of making American manufacturing a World beater.  



Call 440-951-7186 extn 105 and ask for Heather.


She will set you up with a simple way to see if you have the potential that you may not even know you have.


You’ll be glad you did not miss the adventure! See you at IHI.


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