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IHI's OEM Design Center

Design Aids and Technical Data

Design tools for your connector application

Getting Started

Designing Dual Rated Wire Connectors in Aluminum (PDF)


Why Aluminum Connectors Rather Than Copper?


Download Excel Calculator for Predicting Heat Rise Temperature Based on Connector Dimensions and Material 



IHI Mechanical Connectors


UL Mark IHI's complete "UL Listed" General Use connectors UL (Class ZMVV)


UR Logo IHI's complete "UR Recognized" for assembly components.
UL Recognized connectors. (Class ZMVV2)


Bolting hardware & torques for Listed Lugs 


PCB solderable High Current Wire Lugs



Wire Center


IHI's Fine Stranded FLEX "Flexible" Wire Mechanical Lugs User Guide


Standard Stranded & Solid Wire Cross Reference Chart


Classes of Rigid & Flexible Wire & Stranding Chart


IACS Conductivity of Electrical Alloys 


UL486 & CSA 22. Approved Wire Stranding and Classes



Standards and Markings


Summary of UL486 C22.2 Standards


CE LogoCE Marking Information for Europe



IHI Connectors UL "Yellow Card" and CSA Certified Listings of Catalog Numbers


"UL" Listed Class ZMVV

usURc Recognized US & Canada Class ZMVV8

"CSA" certified Canada class 6223 .02

"c CSA us" certified Canada & USA Class 6223.82



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