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Electrical Connectors

WHAT's NEW? UL & CSA Approved Rated Mechanical lugs (screw Type) Wire Connectors for Fine Stranded Flex Wire & cable, Classes G, H, I, DLO, Class 5 Metric mm2 & class K Stranding

IHI Connectors is an advanced manufacturer of Electrical Connectors for UL and CSA Dual rated wire connections.

Electrical Connectors made by IHI Connectors, are of the mechanical (screw Type) wire compression type which are very wide ranging in wire gauge in the same lug. Electrical connectors made using screws for wire compresson create a gas tight wire connection joint using standard hand tools. Ease of use and reusability is an attractive feature of mechanical electrical connectors.


Electrical connectors are used in UL electrical panels, switchgear, circuit breakers, contactors, inverters, fuseblocks, wire splicing, grounding, power distribution and field wiring terminals, and many other wire and cable current carrying devices.

IHI Connectors makes standard and custom electrical connectors.


Types of electrical connector manufactured by IHI Connectors are summarized as follows:


Single wire electrical connectors and lugs for wire to bus termination
Double wire electrical connectors for dual wire paralleling or looping and termination
Triple wire Electrical connectors for three wire paralleling or looping and termination
Splicer electrical connectors for joining wire and cable or reducing wire sizes or types
Ground and neutral electrical connectors
Power Distribution Block electrical connectors
Printed Circuit Board PCB Electrical Connectors for High Current applications

OEM inquires? Please call Chas Ridley at 440-951-7186 ext 103 or cridley@ihinet.com

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