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1000V (2000V) UL LISTED PV (Photo Voltaic) Solar Panel Wiring Components

IHI Mechanical lugs and splicers are listed in their uninsulated form under UL486 to 2000 volts nominal voltage.

That covers 2,000 volts DC or 2,000 Volts RMS AC voltage in an uninsulated form. Typically Listed lugs are bolted to a bus bar and mounted in an approved panel enclosure. The remaining parts of the electrical system also need to be rated to the rated voltage desired. Typically the barrier to higher voltages than 600V, are the pole and ground spacings, insulating materials and approval ratings to the applicable device standards. In addition, the standards themselves need to be updated, and that is in process.

The voltages over 600 Volts for PV systems is opening up the need changing UL and other electrical standards and codes that formerly were limited to 600 Volts.
There was not much requirement for higher voltages in electrical systems working under traditional utility voltages sources. The surge of PV installations and drive for efficiency in transmission of power within the the PV systems has encouraged the use of higher voltages by arranging panels in series and using smaller copper cables with lower losses at higher voltages (losses = A^2 X R so losses decrease with falling current faster than rising cable resistance).

The higher voltage designs in Europe have achieved higher overall cost per watt for the installation and there is a strong drive to accept higher voltages.

The immediate demand to increase voltage is from 600V to 1000V. Since 1000V DC is not really much different from 600 V AC which already peak-to-peaks at 1.414 X 600 V RMS = 848 V P-P

Nevertheless, the outdoor environment for solar arrays and wiring and controls does create more weather protection and personnel safety challenges than a classic 480V industrial machine installation inside a factory building.

Europe is working on PV systems that are rated at 1,500 Volt DC as the drive to large high efficiency arrays continues.

IHI lugs are approved with UL486A-B 2,000 Volts nominal uninsulated rating.

Also,taking advantage of the low cost of aluminum cable for long runs, are Dual Rated for either copper and aluminum ,wire class B, C and Compact CU/AL.

Additionally, to accomodate the easy-to-route flexible wire, have FINE STRANDED ratings for Copper Flex (flexible) wire with stranding classes G, H, I, DLO, K, as well as Metric Class 5 flex wire.


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