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PCB Mounted High Current Terminals Catalog

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High Amp PCB Wire Connectors with UL and CSA approvals
IHI High Amp PCB Wire Connector

Increasing demand for compact electrical circuits which can handle large currents on Printed Circuit Boards has lead to the IHI High Amp PCB Wire Connectors.

IHI is a leading supplier of High Amp, Dual Rated, mechanical pressure, PCB Wire Lugs, which are wave solderable, UL Recognized and CSA Certified.

Design challenges:

Connectors need to be able to hold a range of large wires (AWG 2, AWG 4, AWG 6, AWG 8) and smaller wires AWG 14-10).

At the same time high levels of heat associated with high currents need to be dissipated by the PCB connector.

High Amp PCB Wire Connectors also need to be able to resist the torque from the necessary tightening and loosening of the wire binding screw. Mechanical wire connectors are attractive to customers since the customer may easily connect and disconnect the wires at will.
Chart showing heat rise in IHI B2A-PCB & B2C-PCB terminal

Design solutions:

The IHI B2A-PCB and B2C-PCB utilize a solid copper PCB conducting bus, while utilizing a compact tin plated aluminum body, to convect away heat and provide a very robust and gas tight mechanical pressure joint.
The copper current shunt allows current to pass from the wire to the PCB traces with very low resistance, reducing I^2*R wattage to a minimum.

The thermal mass presented to the Wave Soldering machine by the through-the-board copper legs is modest allowing fast soldering times with appropriate preheat.
The two outrigger legs provide a compact way to divide and reduce the torque stresses into the PCB.

IHI has succeeded in creating a range of High Amp PCB Connectors which meet the rigors of a UL486 cycle test and Dual Rated for both copper and aluminum wire.
Alternatively the B6B-PCB (6-14 AWG) utilizes a built in solderable foot for minimum PCB footprint and yet able to withstand high tightening torque on the wire binding screw.

Twinning Two (2) B2A-PCB or B2C-PCB with a Current Shunt (click pdf).

More information: cridley@ihinet.com

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Dos and Don'ts Checklist for Designing Wide Trace, High Amp, Printed Circuit Boards PCBs

Chart of Ampacitites for copper traces and wires IPC-2152 and other source data

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